by Fabricant

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Splendid and content, my heart was filled with bliss
as my predator laid beyond the hallowed darkness

"Fear not" I thought,"for the world hath changed."

I discovered myself tossed aside like garbage.
Mocked by civilization and its beings.
Forced to feed with the swine and born into intoxication
This has been not a revelation, we've known it all along.

Behold, for the wicked one approaches.
An ancient enemy that wishes to devour flesh
while it marauds upon four appendages.
This being so vile, the ground lays black beneath it.

In a shrill voice it calls me to assimilate,
"Come, for warmth and shelter lie within."
A cunning gesture indeed but that place is not for me.

In that very moment, the guilt builds inside.
My son is dead!
I can feel him rising...

Expunged from my conciousness, raining down all around me.

Like a thick viscous fluid, this memory makes me slip,
and stumble back to the cold floor,
Smothering my face in its tar and chunks.

The burning taste of bile distracts my outer senses
as the ancient one whom I despise
suddenly blinds me with its firey stare.

Apathy towards what it requires to escape this predicament.
The beast approaches with its awful stare
as my essence is injected.

I discovered myself tossed aside like garbage.
Mocked by civilization and its beings.

Like all before me, failure has been my outcome.
My face stings from its horrid breath
like my body bruised by its blunt force.

The memory comes to reclaim its victim,
to finish off what is already done.
With disgust, the horrid beast regurgitates me
to lie on the ground, face first in my son's memory.


released April 13, 2017



all rights reserved



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