Demo 2010

by Fabricant

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Keenan Johnston
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Keenan Johnston The strange biomechanical entity and accompanying logo on the cover art are a good indication of what to expect from this demo. Fabricant play death metal that should be of interest to fans of Demilich and Timeghoul (the latter in particular), with a high/low vocal approach over winding riffs and varied drums that capture the mid-90's death metal vibe well. Favorite track: Sojourn.
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released November 1, 2010



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Track Name: Legacy of Thine Delirium
Purposeless void awaiting a meaning, filled with an expression of perception,
relevant to nothing but thine self, longing to find completion.

Empty ignorant scourge, blissfully unaware of its condition.
Striving for perfection by filling its own void.

Fabricated reality, relevant to nothing.
Interaction with thine self, for limited self expansion.

Stagnant within itself, trapped along with arbitrary hate.
Forever confined to its own, selfish mind.

You who is bound by delirium, seek the truth.
You alone may find meaning to your empty perception.

Pointless attempts it makes to define reality.
The ego is too powerful accept helplessness to survive.

Manifest the answer, grasp the irrational infinity.
There lies the key to solve thine delirium.

Useless endeavor, it cannot understand.
Earn the infinite to free thine self.
Cease the attempt, meaningless pawn.
Breath the kosmos and embrace divinity.
Track Name: Sojourn
Awakened by the chilling wind disorienting my fragile being.
An eternity has passed spent in blissful delirium,
to which I wish to return,
I have come to find that the truth is bleak.

My eye forced open wide, bleeds at the sight.
My flesh burns at the touch.
Cacophony rings in my ears.
Speech is of vomit, disjunct and hideous.
The landscape is scorched and scarred.

Shapeless figures wander through this mental wilderness.
Blind to their nature, where self dominates all.

I find myself baffled, simply in awe by the genuine emptiness.
I catch a glimpse of light shining majestically to which my back is turned.

Pledged never to go back, I declare delirium as my lord
to which I am permanently bound.
Track Name: Staring at the Imprisoned
Lost, in your reality
Oh, psychotic memory
In love, with your melody
You scream at me so beautifully!

Bliss… so beautifully!

Child you have grown into a man
This miracle of life, has gifted me
Because I’ll slaughter you with compassion in my eyes
You have developed, abiding by my lies!

Tear out your worthless eyes,
You don’t deserve them, you were already blind.
Your limbs can be cut off,
You’ve been disabled from birth.

Disregard all human nature,
And you’ll become divine.

My soul is free of hatred as I cut into the flesh,
the feeling so ecstatic,
sending shivers down my back.
Each little yelp, cries at me, “Empathy”
but you were already helpless,
so I went to set you free.

Tear out your worthless eyes,
You don’t deserve them, you were already blind.
Your limbs can be cut off,
You’ve been disabled from birth.

A waste of flesh, living a flawed ideal
Smile so I can devour you next to your family.
A worthless epitaph of common memory will be muttered.
And you’ll be shat back into the ground,
where you belong!